Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Philosophers’ English Academy

Philosophers’ English Academy

Symposium on the topic “Religious Tolerance in Upbringing Humanity,” held on 27th of February, 2015 at MSC Auditorium

The stage was all set to begin with the invocation of the Lord’s assistance by Bro. Somnath Murmu. The previous report was read by the president after which the assembly passed the report unanimously. The agenda of the day was declared as Symposium on the topic “Religious Tolerance in Upbringing Humanity.” The chairperson of the day was Bro. Pradeep Surin. The judges were Bros. Anthony Lepcha, Gabriel Mukhia and Milon Murmu. The timekeeper was Bro. Ronald Rai. The Third Year Philosophers were the participants every speaker dwelled on different topics namely – Bro. Arun Raj gave the Introduction, Bro. Sephaniel on the Causes, Bro. Jop Pyrtuh on the Society, Bro. Francis Hembrom on the Politics, Bro. Masi Hasda on the Events, Bro. Danish Lepcha on its Solution and Bro. Sanjay Minj gave the Conclusion.
The moderator of the Academy, Fr. B L Mathai acknowledged their hard work. He observed that quality improvement in the presentation of the paper was a plus point when compared to the previous sessions. Besides, he advised that there are still rooms for betterment. The day ended as usual with a prayer.

Bro. Athikho Isaac
President of the English Academy

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